Thursday, 28 August 2014

# 324 - WAR - Was BBC's audience in Scotland debate their usual bias rent-a-mob?

The BBC have form, most noticeable on Panorama, for picking bias audiences, so why should this be any different?

# 323 - WAR - Threatening letters from the BBC.

If only the people who don't pay their TV licence cited BIAS as the reason they didn't pay then not only would they have a great case NOT to pay but the accumulative effect of so many citing BIAS would help rock the foundations of the BBC.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

# 322 - WAR - Another BBC old timer tells it how it is!

John Simpson who is 69 has recently claimed the BBC is " grotesquely managed by the tough women who run it "! He sums up life at the BBC in general as " a ghastly outfit"!

I don't believe the BBC is only badly managed by 'tough women' as there are plenty of examples of BBC men being just as bad. However what I do suspect, in the undoubtedly Politically Correct BBC, is that they will promote women into positions of management because they are women and not because they are necessarily capable of doing the job well.

 If you want a snap shot of all that is going wrong in in this country then the BBC gives you one of the best examples there is.

Only getting rid of the TV licence tax will the BBC, faced with real competition, start to seriously reform.  

Friday, 8 August 2014

# 321 - WAR - Incompetence at the heart of the BBC.

A tribunal has found in favour of John Linwood for his unfair dismissal from the BBC over the £100 million IT fiasco.

The BBC clearly don't know the most basic of industrial procedures for dismissing a person.

1. Verbal Warning for XYZ
2. Formal Warning for say XY
3. Final Formal warning for say Y
4. Dismissal for Y

All stages above need to include retraining of the employee as appropriate and if and when dismissal is finally given it MUST be something the person was verbally warned about. So warnings should be broadly based.  For example it will not be deemed fair to verbally warn for lateness and then dismiss for untidiness.

Of course in severe cases of  misconduct dismissal for Gross Misconduct without any previous warnings can be given for example thief or violence.

The BBC needed a scape goat and Linwood took the chop UNFAIRLY and will be receiving compensation.

The BBC is a bloated, bureaucratic, bias institution and will ONLY be reformed when the licence fee is stopped.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

# 320 - WAR - Nigel Lawson banned by the BBC.

Not that he has been officially told but Lord Lawson has learnt that he is not to be included on future debates on climate change on the BBC, despite being something of an expert and Author of 'An appeal to reason', because he is not a scientist.

As he points out in the Daily Mail yesterday then he trusts the BBC will also not interview the Energy Secretary Ed Davey, Ed Miliband, Lord Deben (chairman of the Government's Climate Change Advisory Committee), Lord Stern and others who are also not scientists.

This decision not to talk to Lord Lawson again came after a deluge of complaints from various 'Greens' after he appeared in February in a debate on the BBC with Professor Sir Brian Hoskins about the climate issues around the flooding being experienced.

After initially defending the decision the BBC gave in to the pressure and declared they would not interview Lord Lawson again because "his views are not supported by the evidence from computer modelling."

As Lord Lawson went on to say in the article computer modelling is not 'evidence' but purely conjecture.

The BBC are fully certified members of the new 'Green' religion and their coverage of this important issue is completely bias.    

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

# 319 - WAR - BBC headcount increases since last year.

First let me address the issue that the information I often glean from a daily paper comes from the Daily Mail.

The legacy media are in many respects as bad as each other but the Daily Mail is at least a consistent critic of the BBC and for that they deserve praise. Also just for the record I happen to like the crosswords, Sudoku X, Hidato, Zygolex, 30 second Challenge, World's smallest hardest crossword and not forgetting the Doodle-Do - doing such things, so I'm told, helps keep the brain active and dementia at bay!!

Anyway yesterday they reported that the number of people employed at the BBC had risen despite repeated promises to cut staffing levels. The official figures reveal that 22,039 people work at the corporation an increase of 310 since last year.

Also it has emerged that head hunters were paid £650,000 in 2013 to fill posts across the organisation. This seems a complete waste of money given the poor quality of the BBC's top management!

With a reduced licence fee or preferably no licence fee at all the bloated and bias BBC would have to enter the real world and put its house in order.  

Monday, 30 June 2014

# 318 - WAR - The bias ABBBC!!

Comment in the Daily Mail today by Phil Alderson from Bridgewater Somerset in the feature headed 'Straight to the point':-

The BBC is to spend 2.1 million to promote more ethnic minorities on our screens. I suggest we re-name Aunty the ABBBC - Anything But British Broadcasting Corporation.

The BBC seems fairly diverse to me already given ethnic minorities only make up 10% of our population.

The BBC needs to be put down there is simply no hope for it!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

# 317 - WAR - Bias by omission.

 On the 10 O'clock news last night on BBC 1 the story was covered about the EU's latest trade deal with Ukraine but they failed to mention ANYTHING about the larger part to this trade deal which involves political and even military cooperation.

Here is a link from the blog EU Referendum that explains the significance of this new EU/Ukraine deal:-

Ukraine comes under the Russian sphere of influence and they are not going to like this on e bit.

Evil Empires like the EU of course need to expand or they implode but you won't get the pro EU BBC telling you any of this.

So now we see the BBC can be bias by what it does not report.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

# 316 - WAR - Robert Peston says there is no left-wing bias in the BBC!

One has to wonder how he would know being in the BBC bubble along with his other loss making Guardian reading metropolitan chums at the Beeb.

Apparently he says it is 'bollocks' that the BBC is bias!

Well I have news for him this blog and others proves it is bias and it really is 'bollocks' to claim the BBC is not bias on matters such as being pro the left of British politics,, climate change, the EU and not forgetting dumbing down.

The BBC is INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS and you cannot expect someone working in it to see this.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

#315 - WAR - BBC opposes the Conservative party.

As reported in the Daily Mail yesterday, fortunately a paper not afraid to point out the bias in the BBC, Iain Duncan-Smith has complained to the BBC that they are a bigger enemy to his Welfare Reforms than the Labour opposition.

Enough said!